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Visit CONCH´s 50,000 tonnes CO2 Capture System in Wuhu, China

Author:C4X Source:Green Carbon Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Date:2018-7-5 17:36:35 Hits:83 Belong to:China

Suzhou, China - On July 5, 2018, Mr. Wei, chairman of an investment company (the 3rd to the left), and his group came to visit CONCH's 50,000 tonnes/year CCS system based on C4X's CCS technology, led by Prof. Zhang, YC and Dr. Chen, SY. CONCH is the largest concrete maker in China, made over 300 million tonnes cement in 2017 with $5 billion profit. The construction will be completed in Aug. 2018. 

Green Carbon Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., as well as its Team C4X (China Canada CO2 Conversion X) is dedicated to transform CO2 from flue gas into treasure. Based in China, Canada and in the USA, our company leads the world’s carbon economy and turns the CO2 from liability into treasure worth trillion dollars. C4X team has been developing technologies to capture CO2 from flue gas of power stations, cement plants, etc, convert it into high-value basic chemical materials and new source of energy, including ethylene carbonate (EC), ethylene glycol (EG), and methanol etc. We also utilize supercritical CO2 to make foamed nano-fiber reinforced plastic products.


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